Fire Dept. Rules and regulations

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Fire Dept. Rules and regulations

Post  Heigns_Bierd on Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:50 am

LSFD Rules**
To join the fire dept. you must follow a few rules. One rule is to obey all traffic laws even in emergency vehicle's with the exception of having lights and sirens on. Another rule is to not screw around when your on duty once you type /fireduty at the door your act must change to a professional type character. This server is ROLEPLAY as in it must be as realistic as you can make it. Now if you are wanting to join the Fire Dept. we will review your application and then pending after that we will give you a test (training course) just to be sure you know your fire dept. tools and how to use them (roleplay) them. That'
s the least i expect and I may add a few more so keep looking at this for new rules I may of missed.

ALSO A MANDATORY MAP: Your must have this map so we can have more accurate street names for calls

the directions are in the .rar if you dont know how to install it.


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